Before I got pregnant with baby girl I already had an idea that our first little one would have some kind of outdoors theme in their nursery. Girl or boy, I wanted their nursery to have a little piece of the outdoors that their parents love so much. Early on while our little was just a bundle of cells I began a nursery inspiration Pinterest board that was a mostly modern look with a touch of the outdoors throughout, and early on in my Pinterest love affair I began gravitating to an idea of an accent wall. I liked modern walls, interesting walls, outdoorsy themed walls, basically all nursery accent walls caught my attention and made it on the board.

Below are some of the amazing nursery accent walls that tumble throughout Pinterest. Sneakily, ONE of the images below is actually the accent wall we added to the nursery (the colors below are not what we did, but the style/idea is correct).

Can you guess which nursery accent wall we’ve painted in Baby Girl Jones’ room?

[Which is finally finished enough with painting and construction that we moved her furniture in there this weekend, including her crib, and I definitely teared up as Adam assembled the crib because OMG you guys… I’m having a baby.]

Nursery Accent Wall - Silver Stars Nursery Accent Wall - Black & White Triangle Decals Nursery Accent Wall - Wood Nursery Accent Wall - Grey Stripes Nursery Accent Wall - Pink TrianglesNursery Accent Wall - Mountains Nursery Accent Wall - Pink Nursery Accent Wall - Black & White Polka Dots Nursery Accent Wall - Teal & Grey Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Black & White Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Floral Print Nursery Accent Wall - Scallops Nursery Accent Wall - Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Rain Drops Nursery Accent Wall - Chevron Nursery Accent Wall - Small Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Triangles Nursery Accent Wall - Geometric Nursery Accent Wall - Geometric

SOOOOO? You have any guesses? Which nursery accent wall did we choose?

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