Before launching my blog in 2009 I did a quick Google search of blogging platforms, and for some reason (oh how I wish I had a time machine and could reverse this decision!), I decided to launch The Accidental Olympian’s first post from a Typepad site. It was simple to use, had a cheap monthly fee, and my theme was horrible. Over the years I grew to HATE having a Typepad blog. As I learned more about blogging and realized what other services were offered elsewhere (integrated commenting systems, plugins, SEO optimizations, themes that didn’t look like a 12 year old made them, responsive design, basically ALL THE THINGS) I also came face-to-face with how bone crushingly hard it is to move your site out of Typepad.

The reason this blogging platform is still around is because of how hard it is for a non-coder to get their site transferred elsewhere. Typepad will tell you how to export your site and upload it into WordPress, with one little catch. All the images you’ve ever had on your site will not come with you. SUCKERS! When sites like Squarespace came into being and offered one-click migration from your old site into their platform I was THRILLED. Too bad the only site migration they didn’t cover was Typepad.

At one point I considered actually paying someone hundreds of dollars to deal with this problem for me.

Say Goodbye to Typepad. Now there's an easier way to move your site to WordPress.

And then I found

Moving your site from Typepad to WordPress no longer is something you have to know extreme amounts of code and FTP wrangling to be able to pull off.

Here’s all you have to do.




STEP #1 – Export

Create your .txt export file. In Typepad, navigate to Settings, then Import/Export.

STEP #2 – Convert

Upload your .txt file to, enter your site’s domain/subdomain, and preview your .xml conversion for free.

Purchase and download for only $49.

STEP #3 – Import

Upload your converted data to your self-hosted WordPress blog using the TP2WP Importer plugin. Follow the steps and watch your images & other attachments transfer to WordPress.

To run this full Typepad to WordPress process it required me to lock myself to my computer for a morning to ensure all the various steps were completed (making sure to have the test site hosting – be smart and follow their recommendation to use BlueHost, installing wordpress on your dummy site, finding what new theme I’d use, etc) but the actual act of completing TP2WP’s three steps was pretty damn easy.

My site had a few hiccups on step three and kept timing out while trying to pull in the old images through the plugin, but I just had to tell the process to stop, then restart it a couple times before it grabbed the thousands of images that used to be on Typepad and put them on my new hosting package here in WordPress. After you’ve moved all your Typepad site over into WordPress the final catch is calling BlueHost (or whoever you’re using for hosting) and asking them to create the override that uses your main url instead of the dummy url you built the WordPress site on. Once the urls are flipped you’re the proud owner of your same site on a much more robust blogging home. And if you get stuck, the support team at TP2WP is top notch and will make sure you get everything figured out. They’re great to work with.


I had put off moving out of Typepad for YEARS feeling it was too hard and I’d have to cough up some huge developer fee to get my site over to WordPress, and in the end using TP2WP I did it in an afternoon. Now I’m in my new home in WordPress and I’ll NEVER look back. Downgrading my Typepad account to the free version and removing the login from my bookmarks made me one of the happiest girls on the planet.

So to anyone who feels like they’re being held hostage by Typepad, there’s hope! I highly recommend you use TP2WP to move your site, and you’ll never look back.

Savvy bloggers are moving to WordPress. And they're using TP2WP to do it.

[This is not a sponsored post. I found TP2WP after exhaustive googling and loved their site and customer service after moving a site for work, and then my personal site successfully. If you do decide to use their service however please click my affiliate links within this post so I might receive a tiny commission. Every bit helps!] 

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