Photo 115
You wish.

I know. I look totally deranged. But it’s REALLY REALLY WEIRD taking pictures of yourself to show people your new haircut. I asked Adam to take the pictures for me, but then two seconds after the words were out of my mouth I envisioned the two of us in the backyard, me jumping and swirling around and then I threw up a little bit in my mouth. I tried the whole holding the camera and trying to take pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror, but damn that shit was hard. I was always looking the wrong way, or the flash went off messing up the image and basically I felt really, really weird. So… in the end Photo Booth was the best I could muster.

Take what you can get people.


  • mona

    Ack, the title kind of frightened me, but your hair looks great!

  • Jen A.

    The new cut looks great, Ashley! Very shiny — I often wish I could work a brush + hair dryer on my own to get that look, but I just end up walking around with a brush wound around my hair, stuck to the side of my head for the rest of the morning until someone untangles me. Graceful in the hair dressing department, I’m not.

    Also — I’ve found that the trick to taking a self-portrait in the mirror is to look at the camera, not at yourself. 😉

  • Carmie

    Business in the front – party in the back. That is the definition of a mullet. What you have is quite the opposite. Beautiful, dark shiny hair!