Just a reminder, this summer I bought the lovely and magical url,

This url is the prettier, nicer, more popular version of my site. So, just as a reminder, lets all do our part to avoid at all costs the url, Yes, they are identical sites, and yes the .typepad version will still give you all the mess and gore of the .com site while looking EXACTLY THE SAME as the other site, but the .typepad version is evil and I want it to disappear in the Google rankings like the ugly stepchild it is.

To do this I need your help.

Lets start the year off right people.

Please take a second and make sure your links and bookmarks are connected to the right url. AND, if you ever search for me in Google, even if the .typepad version shows up at the top as it currently does (DAMN YOU TYPEPAD!), please scroll down a little further to click on a .com version of the site to start your reading.

If we all do our part, this year I might actually be able to proudly proclaim that in 2010 I finally gave that stupid .typepad url the middle finger for good.

Thanks for playing.

And thanks for being here week after crazy week.

You have no idea how much it means to me.

  • Carmie

    DITTO GIRL! I am kinda figuring out what mine does. I will definitely check out how it is that I am viewing your site.