New York City is one of those places you can't help but be nervous about visiting. How many tv shows are based in New York? Movies? Before you've ever even stepped foot in NYC you think you know what it will be like. I mean, some of the best shopping, restaurants, and companies are based out of New York. It's a world of promise, excitement, speed and fantabulousness. So they say.

I've been to the Big Apple twice before in my life. I've walked up the spiral staircase to the top of the Statue of Liberty, I've peered over the rails of the Empire State Building to the tiny people below, walked through Central Park, stood in Time Square, seen a Broadway musical, navigated the Subway, been on a double decker bus tour, stood on Wall Street, seen the memorial for the Twin Towers, and even stood next to Nick Cannon on the street during a live taping of Mtv's TRL.

Can you tell the last two times I was in NYC I was in my teens?

Stop judging.

This was the first time I've stepped on New York soil as an adult. This time there were no touristy events, no must-sees, no agenda really. This time it was simply two old friends meeting, getting gussied up, and doing what twentysomethings do best, going bar hopping.

And you know what I realized?

The fabulous, amazing, best city in the whole world, is just like any other big city.

Except here you can watch tv while you're in a cab.

Taxi tv

I love NYC, and if I could I would totally come back and visit next weekend. We had a truly amazing night out. I still get all flabbergasted standing outside the doors of Random House, walking down the street and looking to my left and spotting Central Park still blows my mind, and flying past the Statue of Liberty is most definitely an out-of-body experience, but as I stood in a random bar catching up with friends, or eating slices at a hole in the wall pizza place at 2am I couldn't help but feel like I was just in any other big city in America.

New York I'll be back again, but just between you and I, you don't scare me anymore.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

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