I can pretty much assume that when I write something sad and oh-so very heavy that you, my lovely readers go into this sort of shocked silence. Right before I hit publish I always wince because I know my words are going to shock you all into tight lipped horror, and honestly I don’t like to freak you out.

But I hit publish anyway, because I know it’s good for us.

So today is a new day and forgive me for scaring you dear readers yet again. But I feel it is my duty as the captain of this blog to talk about sad shit every so often to break up the monotony that is oh you know, my fascination with gardening. Or my dog.

Today is a new day, so back to our regular programming!



LOOK! It’s my garden! Things are growing! Even if they are also being eaten by bugs I have yet to identify, or stop.

I now totally get why organic produce is like a million dollars.

And I totally get why it is better for you. Have you ever stood in the gardening section of a store and tried to pick a bug repellent that you’re willing to spray on your garden, knowing very well that whatever you spray is ending up directly on your food?

HELLO ORGANIC PRODUCE! Let’s be friends.



Early this spring I planted dahlia tubers in a sort of, “Well let’s see what happens” kind of way, and by the magic that is sun and water, I suddenly have real live plants.

Seeing as these beasts are going to get to over 4 feet tall, I’m already sort of wondering if am ready for this sort of flower wrangling.

Only time will tell.



Oh! And just to keep this post moving forward on the holy-crap-my-life-is-exciting-and-so-not-sad-and-dramatic train, LOOK my roses are blooming. Like insanity.

I don’t care what you say, blooming roses are definitely not sad, nor depressing.

Ok, who feels like skipping while holding hands?




Ok, so have we all recovered?


I love you bitches, and believe me, I don’t like to scare you.

Too much that is.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

  • http://onewandering.wordpress.com Jen A.

    Ashley — do you happen to know the name of that rose? It’s GORGEOUS!!! My favorite rose is called a Mr. Lincoln. OMG, if you have space to plant one more rose bush, go out and order this one from your local Greenery. When it blooms and you get one whiff of rose-perfection; send a mental hug my way. 😀 *HUG*

  • http://www.grumblesandgrunts.com the Grumbles

    i hate the silence after you post a serious post. hate it. people read, they just don’t always know what to say. like my memorial day post? only got commented on by a stranger.

    your roses are a much prettier color than mine!

  • http://lifeofadoctorswife.wordpress.com/ Life of a Doctor’s Wife

    Just looking at those photos makes me happy!! I can’t believe how much your garden has sprouted – amazing!!!

    And flowers! Woo hoo!!

    (P.S. I feel the same responsibility to include the bad with the good. This is a chronicle of your life. Maybe you don’t want to remember the bad, but it happened. Leaving it out seems like censorship, you know? Glad that you are seeing some roses amid the gloom. Metaphorical and literal roses.)

  • http://www.accidentalolympian.com Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

    JEN — I have no idea what these roses are called. All I know is they are climbing roses, and by your suggestion of using the Bayer fertilizer and bug repellent, finally not sick! I’ll make a note about the Lincoln’s if I feel like I can tackle more bushes.

    GRUMBLES — I remember that post. And I clicked it in my google reader to comment, but then Blogger said the link wasn’t active, and when I went to your site the post wasn’t on your homepage, so I got all confused and thought the google posting was an error and that you’d taken it down, and gave up. Does it help that I tried? Solidarity in the sad silent post land.

    DOC’S WIFE — When all else fails, I go outside and look at my garden and roses. Even in the rain they make me happy. And it’s really damn hard to be happy in the rain. Believe me.

  • http://riogringa.com Rachel

    Wow, what a gorgeous flower. The closest I can get to a garden is buying flowers at the grocery store and hoping they’ll last a week in a vase. Sigh. Anyway, all your posts are great so keep up the good work!

  • Dahlia Grower

    Nice! You have this rare way of expressing every of your posts. Anyhow, that rose is pretty. I’d love to see some dahlias in this post next time, perhaps. Indeed a great post.