Ok, before I even start this rant let me tell you that I am a self proclaimed Apple freak.

Ever since I bought my first MacBook I was hooked on everything Apple had to offer the world.

In December 2008 my mother offered me the (at the time) newest iPhone on the market, the iPhone 3G and I basically shit my pants I was so excited. I didn’t even care that it was a pity purchase since I’d literally just lost my job, and who cared about the fact that I couldn’t afford it, it was shiny! And an Apple product! And the newest model! And did I mention it was shiny? 

So there I was with my MacBook and my iPhone, and if Steve Jobs happened to cross my path I’d probably give him a blow job just to thank him for bringing these products into the world. 

So you get it right?

I like Apple.

So when the iPhone4 came out, you better believe I was SALIVATING.

But after I got my new raise I made a decision to stop spending with my credit card. If I was going to buy things, I had to save my pennies and be patient.

So even though Adam had the new phone, and my phone that I’d dropped in the toilet after having it for two months was starting to go completely crazy and do things like no longer accept calls in the first floor of my house, I waited. And each paycheck I put just a little more in savings. And I wont even lie to you and say I wasn’t totally proud of myself for having the control to make the purchase the responsible way for a change.

So then today, after months of saving, and months of watching Adam use his new phone while wanting to throw mine out the window every time it turned off randomly or shut me out of applications for no reason because of it’s previous toilet encounter, my new phone I SAVED DILIGENTLY FOR arrived.

I run upstairs, plug it in, and get an error.

Apparently my lovely MacBook that has served me so well all these years, which also happens to be getting a little up in age, doesn’t have advanced enough software to talk to my new, very EXPENSIVE phone.

And after talking to not one, but THREE Apple Customer Service reps on my Friday afternoon I finally had to toss them an additional $130 for a software upgrade I didn’t want in the first place. An upgrade that turned out to be even better because I can’t download it on the computer. It has to be shipped.

Cue additional waiting.

I don’t know, maybe I should have known it was a bad sign when my highly anticipated, ridiculously proudly saved for, dream phone was scheduled to arrive on FRIDAY THE 13TH.

It’s like I haven’t met myself or something.

Ashley, the Accidental Shitty McShitty Luck Olympian

  • Cristina

    AT LEAST YOU HAVE IT. It came out on July 30th here in Canada and has been SOLD OUT since launch day. I was in the top ten people waiting in line at the closest branch of my service provider, and they only had five units (it was a tiny kiosk type of place) that sold out literally within the first five minutes of opening. I’ve been on a waiting list since then and I’ve received NO WORD. What the hell, man?

  • Rochelle

    So I don’t know you, and not sure how I came across you blog, but… after reading your latest entry I think you will find this youtube video funny. Type in iphone4 in youtube and watch the first link (two cartoon characters). Makes me laugh every time.

  • Raiza

    Ohhhhh Ashley that sucks!!! I know how you feel though. I always have that shitty luck too… I think I’m going to try and find a four-leaf clover today. If I find two, I’ll send it to you okay?

  • NewTeacherWife

    That’s terrible. And please teach me your will power to save for things. Also, because I’m not quite the Mac freak as you, do you have to have a MacBook to have an iphone 4? What about us lowly pc users?

  • Kelly L

    Fucking Friday the 13th.