I honestly do.

But when your dog is as quirky as Oly is, how can I help but spoil the crap out of her?



There are exciting, scary, thrilling, whatever you can think of to describe change from the mouth of an anxious person, things happening in my world right now. I want to tell you, and I will eventually, just be patient with me.

Hopefully soon I’ll even explain why I went from being Miss Sunshine and Sprinkles this summer to OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING this fall.

Here’s a hint.

Anxious people DO NOT LIKE CHANGE.



OH, and stop it.

I’m not pregnant.

Please, don’t even send pregnant thoughts my way.

That’s the last thing this little lady needs right now.



Good chat guys.

  • http://www.newteacherwife.wordpress.com NewTeacherWife

    HAHAHAHA. Well, even though change isn’t your favorite, I hope it’s good change!

    And Oly totally deserves to be spoiled.

  • http://penelopelife.com Penelope

    I’m all curious. Don’t make us wait too long! xo

  • http://fidoandwino.com/ Shauna (Fido & Wino | R.O.A.R. Squad)

    I look forward to hearing about it!

    Super cute pic of Oly :)

  • http://lifeofadoctorswife.wordpress.com/ Life of a Doctor’s Wife

    I am thinking good thoughts at you! I hope everything works out wonderfully, and just the way you want it!

  • http://kazoosareweird.blogspot.com Megs

    Oh my god I SO know. Even if it’s really good change I can’t take it. I need everything to always be exactly the same all the time and nothing is allowed to change at all.

    I don’t care if it means more money, or more good things, or whatever. It might as well all be bad, the way I handle it.

    I am not adaptable at all, is what I’m saying. I hope the change becomes the normal for you really soon.

  • http://onewandering.wordpress.com Jen A.

    I walked into work today and told my friend, “I don’t know what’s up — no word describes how I’m feeling right how except maybe ‘Meh.'” and she said, “Like you’re going through the motions?” “YES!”

    So, it would seem I understand and sympathize with your fall blahs… Not sure what spiked my change, but hoping that your changes is a good one. *HUG*

  • http://www.kellylea.blogspot.com Kelly L

    Whatever, you totally are going to spoil her, regardless of whether you try or not. And why shouldn’t you?

    Also: DETAILS.

    They are needed.

  • http://www.2whiskerbiscuits.blogspot.com Biscuit

    the. suspense. will. kill. me.

    I don’t handle suspense well, especially around the ho-lidays. Oly’s pregnant. That’s it. The dog is knocked up.

    mystery solved.

  • http://rescuedinsanity.com Kristine

    @biscuit, Hahahahahahaha. Poor Oly.

    That photo is so cute. It makes me want to give her a million cookies. Those are ears are crying out to be spoiled.

    Well, even if you are scared, I am excited for you. I’m going to be optimistic and assume it’s a very good change and will make your life even awesomer.

  • marti

    I’ll bet your moving and there is a promotion involved

  • http://thingsiliketoeatandothernonsense.blogspot.com/ You’re Lucky I Don’t Have a Gun…

    my prescription for your anxiety problem would either be ice cream or crystal meth.

    your choice.