Hey, remember when I wrote that rant about trying to find a dog friendly vacation rental for Christmas?

You don’t?


Why don’t I refresh your memory.


Ah, the joys of completely misplaced anger.


So, turns out that rant was severely immature seeing as later the next day I managed to lock down this lovely beach house.


It’s located in Long Beach, WA, a coastal town about an hour and a half from Olympia. We camped there last Memorial Weekend and spent the majority of the time trying to stay dry.


So, this time we decided to go the whole indoors route seeing as the forecast for Christmas weekend in Long Beach is rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, with some more rain.


This time though I’m 100% ok with the forecast. I’ve been told we have a wall of windows of the living room where we can relax, watch the storm rage and marvel at the power of an angry winter sea.




Whatever you celebrate this season, I wish you happiness, a complete and utter absence of stress, tons of fantastic food, that you’ll be surrounded by people you love, and that your liquor cabinet never runs dry.


Although, maybe that last one is only my Christmas wish…

  • Terryn

    Beautiful! I am jealous.

  • Kristine

    Gorgeous! Have a fantastic time! That is so cool they allow dogs!

    And no, that last one is pretty much all I want for Christmas as well.

  • Megs

    Merry Christmas! Y’all have fun!