To be totally honest, my life now and for the foreseeable future is probably going to be all about the new puppy, training a puppy, watching dogs play, pee, more pee, OMG cleaning pee, why is there so much pee, with a splash of cuteness to help with the lack of sleep and serious lapse in sanity.

BUT, to keep you from all running away and never coming back, I’m going to talk about something OTHER than puppies or pee. Today at least.




Two weeks ago my friend sent me a text and asked me if I’d like to go to a free concert at the library.

Seeing as the concept of free anything is pretty much always my idea of a good time and my love of all things book related is borderline creepy, this evening was shaping up to be one great night. Hell, I didn’t even know the bands playing, but as I said, it was free and at the library, so I was all in.

So there we are at the downtown Olympia library with maybe 100, 150 other straight up Olympia HIPSTERS all hanging out in the library after-hours to watch Kimya Dawson and Defiance Ohio.

We’re all crammed together listening to music and even singing along loudly in the LIBRARY. The very place you’re supposed to be all quiet and demure, so let me tell you it was just downright scandalous. I just kept waiting for a library employee to walk up and be all, “WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING? BE QUIET THIS IS A LIBRARY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” But, it’s Olympia, so I mean, of course the librarian had pink hair, so she was down with the whole being loud in the library thing. Thanks hip library lady for keeping your cool.

Once I got used to the whole being loud in the library thing and blocked out the stench of so many hipsters who haven’t showered standing too close to me I found myself really enjoying Kimya Dawson and her oddball songs. I mean, halfway through her set I had to turn to my friend and ask when Kimya Dawson was coming on because I had NO idea the woman on stage singing was THE Kimya Dawson I’d come here to see, and of course I then had to suffer through my friends laughter when she had to tell me that HI, the woman singing on stage for the last 30 minutes IS KIMYA DAWSON.

Uh, duh. I totally knew that. JOKING!

Just so you can really feel how totally hipster the evening really was, here’s Kimya in all her glory.


In case that music video didn’t help you picture what the bizarre vibe in the library was that night, here’s when the Free Olympia Choir (which I think is just a bunch of people who get together and sing weird songs and probably enjoy a joint or two, I mean, realistically) joined her for a song.

Library Sing-a-Long

Of course there was a tambourine you guys. And of course Kimya ended her set by playing a song about how much she likes the library. Yes, there was even a rap about the fiction section and the duodecimal system.

Oh Olympia, you never fail to humor me.



So, right when I think it can’t get any more quirky up in the library the final band Defiance Ohio comes on. We basically went from spoken word with a ukulele where we all sing along about how much we like the library to suddenly really loud music, lots of jumping, screaming along, and the real kicker, CROWD SURFING.

CrowdSurfing the Library


Crowd surfing, in the library people.

When the song ended and the man returned safely to the ground the lead singer says calmly into the mic, “Guess I can cross see someone crowd surf in the library off my bucket list.”

My. Thoughts. Exactly.


  • http://penelopelife.com Penelope

    No. Way. That is AWESOME

  • http://rescuedinsanity.com Kristine

    Crowd surfing in the library. How cool is your city?? I am so moving there.

  • http://lifeofadoctorswife.wordpress.com/ Life of a Doctor’s Wife

    This kind of blew my mind.

  • http://mcdanielfamilycircus.blogspot.com Sarah

    I’m crossing that off my bucket list – just from pictures. Because let’s face it, that’s never happening again!

  • http://onewandering.wordpress.com Jen A.

    OMG, I sorta kinda want to show up on your doorstep and shadow you for a week of Olympiawesomeness!