I was going to give you a detailed account on what exactly I'm doing with these puppies, but then my sister and I went snowboarding.

And then I woke up the next morning and realized that I haven't worked out in over three months and that every single muscle in my body suddenly hates me and I could hardly sit upright, let alone follow through with my eggtastic plans.


Please tell me what part of snowboarding requires me to use the muscles between my boobs. When turning? Getting on and off the lift? While hanging out in the bar? 

Also, who knew you could pull the muscle under your jaw, from snowboarding. Turns out you most definitely can. And when you do, it will suddenly become very hard to hold your head up all the way. 

The only thing I can conclude from all these weird sore muscles is that either A. I am really really really really out of shape, or B. I look like a dying chicken while boarding which is why I managed to injure my jaw and middle boob while snowboarding. 

Jury is still out. 



In the meantime, enjoy this video. I had a fancy shmancy HD helmet camera with me that died about three runs into our trip. Meaning our only footage was us on the warm up hills. Which makes us look like lame sauce sissy wimps. Guess we can't all be bad asses. 

  • http://rescuedinsanity.com Kristine

    You looked pretty bad ass to me. I can’t even stay upright on skis. Snowboarding is a whole different level. Seriously, you are amazingly brave in my opinion. I think the fact you are still alive says a lot for your skill. I hope you had a blast!

  • http://onewandering.wordpress.com Jen A.

    First of all, if that first run in the video is a bunny slope, then I don’t know that I would ever be able to face a black diamond, blue circle, green square or orange triangle.

    But I’d be willing to try it if it meant a) hanging out with you (you guys looked like you had so much fun) and b) getting a kick-ass awesome video made of the day’s adventures afterward.

    As an aside — you and your sister have beautiful teeth. Yay for big smiles!

  • marti

    I’m digging the camera, I think you should wear it all day and then edit the footage for our view pleasure, seriously.

  • http://www.kellylea.blogspot.com Kelly L

    My condolences to your middle boob.