• http://wookieandcompany.blogspot.com Ashley

    I hope your medication still allowed liquid relaxation. Because that would blow otherwise.

  • marti

    Shingles, Yikes, that totally bites. I gotta say I love the mental picture I have of you on your conference call in the head though, why isn’t there a pic of that? Who knows pretty soon you might be editing your own book about this adventure. It can only get better from here right?

  • http://www.newteacherwife.wordpress.com NewTeacherWife

    Sending you hugs and possibly gallons of anti-itch medicine. So sorry, but glad you finally have furniture and clothes and dishes and such.

    I hope it all gets better soon and you can get more settled.

  • http://www.svartfar.wordpress.com melani rae

    Ugh. Had them when I was 7 on my neck. They popped up during a camping trip and I still remember the pain was so excruciating I was begging my step-dad to chop my head off with an ax. Seriously, how are you even able to type right now?

  • bex

    No freakin way! I had shingles at 19!
    Yeah, 19. I was working 3 jobs, had just got dumped, lost 2 best friends, and my dad was about to go in for quadruple heart bypass surgery. Yup….

    Over 60 HUH!?!?!

    I TOTALLY feel your pain; WORSE experience of my life so far… besides the you know, losing friends. Oh and my dad is just fine, btw :)