After I got out of the shower I realized the reason the hotel conditioner seemed not to be working was because it was actually BODY LOTION.

If that doesn't give you an idea of my mental state, I don't know what will!


We're at the C dot today, also known as Whitehorse, YT. And B is where we started this morning. Get why I'm tired yet?


Adam and I realized today that if we had done this trip in mid June and just for fun we wouldn't be running this like a race and might actually be enjoying ourselves. Instead, since the lakes are frozen over, and we aren't camping (plus most of them are closed anyway), instead of being content with quaint campgrounds and nearly deserted towns we are constantly on the hunt for a pet friendly hotels. 

Plus, transferring two dogs, two people, and two FISH in and out of hotels every night is just plain no fun. 

So, yet again we got to the place where we were SUPPOSED to stop this afternoon, even though when the morning had started Adam had said he refused to drive more than 300 miles today, of course we tacked on another 300 miles. Just for fun. 

This entire trip was supposed to take 7 days. Saturday to Saturday. Now? Looks like we'll get in on Wednesday. 

Can you say, overachievers? 

Before we get to the pictures I have to say today was the WILDLIFE portion of the trip. Tons of caribou, TWO wolves (most amazing thing I've ever seen), Buffalo, a Canadian linx (such a fasinating creature!), stone sheep, an eagle, and a porcupine! It was like going to the zoo, but from our car. 

And now, because I can hardly remember how to spell (seriously please forgive all these errors in these nightly posts. It's 11pm right now, and if I remind you, tonight I put body lotion in my hair), let alone tell amusing stories, I'll share pictures. 

Blue lake
Blue Lake
Stone Sheep


Welcome, to the Sign Forest

Sign Forest

Sign Forest
SIgn Forest

The only thing that gave us energy for an additional 300 miles today after already coving 300 miles was a dip in the hot springs. All road trips should come with a stop in the hot springs.  Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Hot Springs


We'll be in Anchorage in two days. And after we get there, I plan to sleep for a week straight. 
  • http://www.ihearvelveteen.com Biscuit

    holy eff I am loving these updates, you all are CRUISING. Slow the shit down already. How them fish doin? I’m about to transport mine too, portable air rock and all.

    I can’t wait for the “coming into anchorage” post, shit better be epic. I’m talking LOTS of CAPS and exclamation points!!!!

  • http://lifeofadoctorswife.wordpress.com/ Life of a Doctor’s Wife

    Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a pretty amazing trip (if exhausting).

    Love your new header, by the way. Very cute.

  • http://beersnobette.wordpress.com Robin

    You are quite the talented photography, Ashley. Hope your fish are still alive!

  • http://beersnobette.wordpress.com Robin

    *photographER. I fail.

  • http://www.kellylea.blogspot.com Kelly L

    omg. I love the sheep crossing sign. And the forest of signs. What is this magical wonder?

    I forgot what else I was going to say. The end.