We made it!

I am currently blogging via a local Alaskan coffee shop on a BEAUTIFUL spring day. 

The only thing that sucks about this moment are the teenage girls to my right who are giggling. Except, if it sounds more like SCREAMING, does it really fall under the "giggling" category anymore? I'm thinking that qualifies it under the IRRITATING AS HELL category. 

I was never this evil when I was 14, right? 

Tell me I was never like this. 



Ok. So, day two living in Alaska. It's all been shockingly normal, running errands, checking out the place, finally emptying the car, driving around the city to get acquainted, EXCEPT for the part where we showed up at our new place and it wasn't ready. 

Even though our landlord told us that he couldn't prorate our place for May 15th like we originally asked, effectively forcing us to move our entire lives to Alaska in three weeks, when we had originally planned to turn this ship around in a month and a half. 

But then we get to our place, on May 4th, and the painting isn't finished. The floor is a MESS. There are crayon scribbles on the windows, kid hand prints on the walls, and the carpets haven't been cleaned. 

Tell me you'd be irriated too. 

So after 6 hours of driving, the last half hour being filled with nerves and excitement, and finally stepping into my house to find it TRASHED wasn't exactly a, "Welcome home!" sort of moment for me. 

But, being survivors Adam and I unpacked the car, met the landlord, and went right to the store to buy cleaning supplies. We then spent our first night in Alaska, the first night in our new house cleaning. For FIVE hours. 

It looks better now though.

But I wont lie, it's left a shitty taste in my mouth. 





You know what has helped with my sour renter feelings? 

These mountains. 

(please excuse the chip in the window. that isn't a feature of the mountains. thankfully.)


This didn't hurt my mood either. 

World's largest liquor store
(that is the largest liquor store i've ever seen before. apparently alaskans know how to drink. my kind of people.)


Tonight we'll meet up with friends for a Cinco de Mayo party, and we already have plans on Saturday to attend a Kentucky Derby BBQ, so if we compare week one, hell even the first six months of living in Olympia to week one of living in Alaska, then I think we'll be ok. 

Having the furniture arrive on Tuesday and no longer sleeping on an air bed or hanging out in camping chairs wont hurt the mood either.

Thanks for following along on this journey everyone. Stay tuned, I have an exciting picture to share with you all. Once I finish deep cleaning the downstairs bathroom of course. 



Noooooooooooooo I'm not bitter? 

Was it the grimace on my face, or my clenched fists that gave it away?

  • http://www.newteacherwife.wordpress.com NewTeacherWife

    So glad you all made it. Husband asked about the fish, so I’m assuming they are peachy as well. And hopefully the landlord gets his shit together so you don’t have anymore problems. I don’t remeber- how long will you guys be in Alaska? Are you going to buy a house there or just planning on renting?

    And yay for giant liquor stores! That makes everything better :)

  • http://www.ihearvelveteen.com Biscuit

    Yay, you made it! I’ve been refreshing like a mothereff, hoping to see an update. That blows about the new place, BUT YOU ARE THERE. AND THERE ARE LIQUOR WAREHOUSES. LIQUOR. WAREHOUSES.


  • http://penelopelife.com Penelope

    Why do you have to clean?! What kind of landlord is this??

    On a better note, yay! You’re safe and you made it. Now go support that liquor store. x

  • http://www.grumblesandgrunts.com the grumbles

    you made it! when can i come visit?! no, seriously?!

  • Dear Mason

    Email me your NEW!!! address so I can send you a lil somethin, somethin. Yay!!!! You are there! And in my experience, rentals are never ready when they are supposed to be or clean as they should be… so cheer up and embrace the filth. xoxo

  • http://beersnobette.wordpress.com Robin

    That’s a hell of a liquor store. Go support the local economy!!

    And I agree with Penelope–why on earth do YOU have to clean?

  • Marti

    Wait, what, Friends? Bar-b que? When did all this happen?

  • http://www.kellylea.blogspot.com Kelly L

    Um. I’d be livid if I arrived and my house was not live-in-ready. I hope he’s giving you a discount on the rent or something?!?! That is ridiculous. We have STANDARDS down in the lower 48, I don’t know what kind of shenanigans go on up there, but NOT COOL.