This weekend Adam and I made a deal. 

He would come hiking with me, and I would watch the second Twilight movie with him afterward. 

Yes. You read that right. 

ADAM created these stipulations. 

He claims he wants to watch the Twilight movies for the same reason people see the Harry Potter movies, they're a cultural phenomenon. 

I think he just has a crush on Bella. 

Anyway, so I agreed to sit through that horrible horrible horrible trash that is Twilight (no seriously, can we talk about how much I hate those movies? Maybe another time? Oh the dialog how it irks me!) so that Adam would come with me on a hike near Eklutna Lake. This hike would give us an arial view of the lake we walked along on a couple months back our tester hike we took right after we moved here. 

I knew nothing about this hike except for where the trail started and that it was 2.6 miles one way. Turns out it was one of those hikes where you basically Stairmaster yourself up a mountain for two hours before you hit your goal. Which sure, is hard, but harder when you weren't expecting it. 

Sorry Adam, deal is a deal!

In the end Adam was a trooper. Even though his knee hurt so bad I contemplated fireman carrying him on the way down. It's always something, right? No matter the fact that I sprung a staight up hike on him, or the pain on the way down, he huffed his ass up and down that mountain.

And damn was it worth it. 

Eklutna Lake

Twin Peaks

The view was spectacular, the hike was hard, there was ice cream on the way home, and it turns out that Stella, as stupid as she might be, is a fantastic trail dog. 

Stella on the trail
Thankfully she's got one thing going for her besides her looks. Can't rely on those forever!

  • Sarah

    OMG. I hate those movies. I think I’ve only seen the first, actually. Those are the lamest vampires ever. I like the kind of vampires that, you know, kill people. Sparkling like a freaking diamond? What. ever.

    The hike looks beautiful. I’m still waiting for a post that makes me unjealous of you in AK.

  • Robin

    I refuse to watch or read Twilight. I’m a huge fan of Anne Rice…and I just cannot abide vampires who sparkle like bad body glitter from 7th grade.

    Also–Stephen King said Stephenie Meyer can’t write. And I love Stephen King, so I trust his opinion.

    Good thing the hike was worth it!

  • Tori

    Oh man. Twilight? Really, Adam?

    Ashley, I do not envy your life sometimes. (Except for the hiking part, of course.)

  • alex

    lol. I’ve only seen the first one, and, strangely, it was two of my guy friends who invited me to go with them. I sat in the middle, one guy giggling helplessly the entire movie. The other guy, who had read the first book… aloud… to the tween-girls he’d been a camp leader for the previous summer added “He murmured”, and “She murmured” in a loud whisper at the end of each of Bella and Vampire Guy’s sentences (um… yeah… I can’t remember the name… clearly this movie stuck with me). Because, if you read the book… everyone (EVERYONE) murmurs… almost constantly. Clearly the author didn’t bother checking out some other good descriptions of ‘ways people can say things’ because she stuck with murmur almost constantly. Suffice to say, glad I went on cheap-movie-night, and it was ridiculously hilarious! If you ever get tied into watching the next movie… just think “He murmured” throughout and you can giggle your way through while Adam tears up at the (probably) dramatic parts.
    Also – wow, amazing looking hike! I want to live somewhere not-flat!

  • Penelope

    Gorgeous pics, awesome dog, I LOVE your perspective.

    Cannot believe Adam made you watch Twilight. Almost unforgivable.

  • Jen A.

    You hate Twilight too?! I knew I liked you!

    So, as a reward for hoofing it to the top of the mountain, get yourself on Google and type in “Robert Pattinson looks like a foot.”

    You’re welcome. :)

  • Jen A.

    @Robin — where did Stephen King say that S. Meyer can’t write?! I’d love to read that article. 😉

  • Kelly L.

    Hahahhaha I love it. I mean, not the part where you had to watch Twilight, but the rest of it. Actually, yes, even the part where you had to watch Twilight.