I have to admit I have a soft spot for Holiday Gift Guide Roundups. Mostly because every single time Christmas comes around I have NO IDEA what the hell to get people in my life. December 15th usually rolls around and I've put off shipping, let alone actually buying anything for the people in my life and then I frantically surf the internet trying to find things people won't hate. 

So, I have no clue what YOU should get people this year for Christmas. BUT, I can tell you what I'd be stoked to receive this year, and maybe someone on your list will have similar taste as me, and BAM I helped you take care of your holiday shopping. 

I know, I'm like Santa. Without the gut and the beard.  



First off I live for Groupons. I know I know, how overrated. But honestly, there's nothing I don't love about getting something, ANYTHING at 50-75% off. Last time I had a Groupon for a bar downtown I felt like such a baller I bought the entire table champagne. Because I could! Because I'd only spent $20 to be there! So hell yes, stuff my stocking with a Groupon Gift Card.


If I get one thing, after the Groupon gift card of course, I want it to be the Verilux Rise & Shine Dawn Simulator. I knew it got very very dark in Alaska, people told me this often. Constantly really. Usually with a look of abject horror spread across their face. But I arrived in the middle of summer, a time of nothing but light, light and more light. But the light is gone, and now the sun is setting at 3:30-4 ish and rising around 9:45am. So yeah, darkness, we have lots of it. I'm pretty used to it after living in Seattle for 8+ years, but I'm starting to think I REALLY need a dawn simulator. Yesterday.

So yes, this little bizarre looking thing needs to come to me asap. We will be great friends and hopefully Adam and I won't look like zombies anymore at 7am as we stumble around in the dark looking for our pants. 


Next up, a map of Alaska made out of the various cities within Alaska. This Etsy shop seems to have a really wide collection of states too, so they probably have yours! Would look perfect in my office. Which I know you were worried about. 

Alaska Map

I will be honest, I can't keep up with the Pioneer Woman anymore. She floods my Google Reader and most of the time I just hit "read" and move on. Unless of course I'm hungry. If I'm hungry I head to her site for recipes. So, I'd squeal in a very unnatural way if I unwrapped a copy of her book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl.

And since we're talking Pioneer living, I wouldn't mind getting a chance to get my hands on her new novel, The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–A Love Story.


Since I work from home I pretty much never wear shoes anymore. I live in my slippers. Which is awesome, except for the fact that I have nearly worn through my current pair. So, this lady is in need of some replacement UGG Australia Women's Slippers


iTunes gift card — Not for what you think. Now that I'm carless I hardly ever listen to the music on my iPod or cell phone, but I do enjoy reading ebooks every once in a while (still not sure if I like ebooks, I keep trying though) and ever since Adam and I got Apple TV we are all about renting movies on AppleTv. So easy! So fun!



Oly already has a fun winter jacket and snow boots, but turns out it actually gets cold enough here that even Stella will be needing a coat. I'm thinking Stella would look dashing in the Red Fleece Reflective Safety Jacket For Dogs. Plus, blindy needs all the extra reflective strips she can get.


Speaking of dogs and their needs, dog toys are expensive and the way my dogs play with their toys I spend all this money on them and 3 days later they shred each toy I bought for them. The holiday discount on the KONG Favorites Dog Combo is just what I need. I'm sure it will take them a week, maybe two to destroy this batch. 

It's pathetic how long I've been interested in this ring and refused to simply buy it for myself. Apparently I'm too cheap to spend $16 on myself. I know I know, cheap ass. This is what Christmas is for right? 

Leaf Ring

I have so many gloves, but I'm finding I really need some warm mittens. The Merrell Women's Cecelia Winter Mittens are perfect. Heavy duty for those negative ten cross-country skiing moments, but still cute. Not in white though, definitely the black ones are calling my name. 


Last Christmas Adam and I received the first season of Mad Men as a gift and blew through it in about two weeks. We clearly need to stick to this Mad Men tradition and keep the 50's housewife fun going with Mad Men: Season Two. When are we going to bring back drinking at work?


Again with the working from home thread, regular jeans are the devil for sitting in an office chair all day. BUT, I find that if I wear pajama pants too many days in a row I begin to feel like a complete and total slob. So, insert jeggings. I have a pair of these in black and I LIVE IN THEM. They are high rise, which when I tried them on at first I thought I'd hate, but turns out high rise jeggings are the shit. They hold in all your gut stuff perfect and instantly you are free of the irritating feeling of your holiday belly jutting over the edge of your pants. It's a Christmas miracle! 

Old Navy Jeggins

Ok, I know face lotion is about as exciting as asking for gum for Christmas, but I already bought myself the bareMinerals Skincare Purifying Facial Cleanser and the bareMinerals Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser PLUS the blemish therapy, so if the Bare Escentuals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer appeared in my stocking I'd be set! Plus, if I get it myself I either have to drive to the mall again, or pay $650 for shipping to Alaska. And I'm lazy. OK, ok, if I want to pick something a little more fancy, throw in one of those amazing new eye shadow compacts

This summer I randomly bought, Everyday Food: Great Food Fast when I was at Costco and I LOVE THAT BOOK. The recipes are so easy, tasty, and so far unlike most cookbooks I try, the first time I try a new recipe I don't want to make any changes. It's just tasty! Imagine that.

So, I figure if Everyday Food is good then Martha's other book, Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast: 250 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Any Time of Day will hopefully be just as tasty. Don't let me down Martha! 


Our coffee maker has had a good run, but it's starting to be uncleanable. I've been shopping around for new coffee makers, and when I saw this one with the hot water attachment for tea I was HOOKED. I am so sick of moving our current tea pot around the stove out of the way while I cook. With this little baby (Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System) I can flip a switch and have hot tea instantly and one less piece of kitchen equipment to deal with! 

Of course I want a white moose head for my office. Because, HI! Moose head!

But seriously. I want this. More than I probably should.

Adam keeps talking about wanting to get a real one, like a real dead one, and I really hate that idea… something about eyes looking at me. But this guy seems like the perfect way to feel a little Alaskan-moose love, without looking at a recently dead animal head all day long. YEAH COMPROMISE! Although, it's probably not a compromise if Adam hates the idea, right?  

Ok, I have PhotoShop, so I know I could just make this for myself, but UGG, I'd have to get it printed, and find a frame, and bla bla bla so much more fun as a gift for the office. Mostly because it's awesome, and true!

I Love You, Blogs & Coffee

And lastly, the book I must have. The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook. And if you don't already know about these fabulous gay farmers in upstate New York then you need to get yourself Season One of their reality show RIGHT NOW and spend your long holiday weekend devouring the season. Trust me, it will be the best gift you get yourself this year. 


There you go! These are my 2011 Holiday wishes! 

So go, buy them for people in your life who might be as weird as I am, or hey, get one for yourself. You deserve it. 

And stay tuned. Sticking with the theme of gifts, and moose, I've got my giveaway coming to you Monday morning. GET EXCITED. 

I know I am. 

  • Kristine

    Awesome list! I still can’t get on the jegging bandwagon, though. Maybe that makes me totally uncool, but I can’t even make myself look at them in a store.

    The moose head is full of win, however. So is that ring. And OMG they make Kong gift packs?? Why didn’t anyone tell me? I am getting one for all of my friends. If they don’t have dogs, too bad! They should get some!

  • alex

    You should definitely get the ring – Adam reads your blog, right? he should get you the ring… it’s like you made an xmas list for him to follow!

  • Donna

    Love the list with the exception of The Pioneer Woman’s novel — trust me, it is the worst book you could possibly ever read. It’s stupid, and worse yet, if you believe everything she writes I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Pioneer woman is a millionaire over and over and OVER again. She married into one of the wealthiest ranching families in the country. So yeah, I do get a little tired of her down home country crap… But her novel — poorly written and full of hogwash. A Harliquin Romance novel is a better choice if you’re looking for a love story. Not only that, you can read her “novel” for free unless he removed it from her website, which I’m assuming she did. I know, I’m sounding rather harsh but I get so tired of her country bumpkin personna that she puts out there when it is so far from the truth …. it just aggravates me.

  • Gail

    One question about the light thing, so is that just to wake you up and put you to sleep? Or is that something that you keep in your office so you get “daylight” all day? Is it just for Alaskans or for people who get S.A.D. too? I work from my home basement office every other day and it is cold and dark down here:(

    So sad to read Donna’s comment on the Pioneer Woman. I guess if I was in her shoes, I would want to be a millionaire many times over too. That is the only way it would be worth it:)

  • Tori

    Two things:

    1. I am totally stealing your Alaska art idea. Except I’m buying California. AND DID YOU KNOW THEY HAVE A BASEBALL ONE? Getting that too.

    2. I laughed, out loud, in my empty house (well, the furbabies are here) at your calling Stella “blindy.” That poor puppy is so broken. BUT SO CUTE.