SO, with the whole book resolution out of the way, the second resolution I made was to pay off my credit card by the end of 2011. 


The thing is, I was so there. I was on point to pay off my credit card with a final payment on Dec 31st, 2011. I was making the equivalent of a really fucking expensive car payment TWICE a month and I was taking that card DOWN.

Then winter happened.

Suddenly I needed snow boots.

Snow pants.



Cross-Country Skis.


Thermal underwear.

Oly's snow boots.

On and on and on until I looked at my credit card and didn't even remember what it had been a mere month ago. Suddenly all my progress and growth was gone and I was nearly back to where I started.

It was demoralizing to say the least, to feel so close to your goal, and then to destroy it in about a month. The right thing would have been to force myself not to buy unless I had the money in savings. But hi, when you only have five and a half hours of sunlight for your WHOLE DAY you're going to just buy the damn cross-country skis no matter if you saved or not because staying inside all winter in the dark while you wait for your savings account to grow is NOT AN OPTION.

You can't simply NOT buy snow boots when there's 12 inches of new snow overnight, and turns out negative 6 degree weather is fucking cold as shit and requires the right clothing to live in it. Expensive clothing apparently. But oh well.

I know when I over explain why I fell off the debt reduction wagon it's only for my own ears. Reformation to myself that my purchases were things I needed to get through the winter, things I won't have to re-buy next winter, trying to tell myself it's ok I failed at this goal.

So, 2012 is a new year. I have another plan in place for my debt, a less extreme pay off plan, but a plan none the less, because when I look at 2012 I have things like TWO weddings to attend, TWO families coming to Alaska this summer for 3+ weeks each, charter fishing trips already booked, hikes I want to take, towns in Alaska I want to see, and I can't let the fact that I want to pay down my debt keep me from living.

So I guess this year my resolution is to live. And enjoy. Be happy and experience as much as I can. While also reading 30+ books and attempting to live within my means.

Works for me.

  • http://mcdanielfamilycircus.blogspot.com Sarah

    Those sound like good 2012 goals. Go you!

  • http://kazoosareweird.blogspot.com Megs

    Dude. It sucks, but those are actual necessities. Sometimes debt is from needing to live not just because you think you have to have everything you want when you want it. The debt I am sloooowwwwwllllyyyy paying off is 75% trying to live on a too small paycheck that didn’t stretch far enough for a couple of years. So. You did good. You did actually pay it down. You just had a change of situation. And imagine, if you hadn’t worked as diligently as you did, it would be twice what it is now. It’s cool. I feel you. You can do it. After 3 years I’m finally in the last stages of paying mine off, and it will still probably be a year before I’m done. So, I feel your debt pain. And your need to justify. Trust me.