Flowers might be blooming where you live, and you might be breaking out your lawn furniture and planning your summer trips, but here in Alaska we're still enjoying our final moments cross-country skiing in the high country. 

This Sunday I joined some friends at Hatchers Pass for some of the most breathtaking skiing I think I've done so far this winter. And yes, I know I've said that a lot. But every time I go somewhere new the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness goes and slaps me in the face all over again.

More than anything though, it's so hard to capture the true size of these mountains in video and photos. How do you convey in pictures the fact that as you're skiing through this valley you feel so remarkably small and so blessed to be right where you are in that exact moment? And when I was uploading my pictures and film into the video I just kept thinking, they still can't tell how amazing this really is... 


Hatchers Pass, AK
Hatchers Pass, AK 1
Hatchers Pass, AK 2
Hatchers Pass, AK 3

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