As of Saturday afternoon word broke that we had officially beat the 1954-55 snowfall record by an even 1 inch

My first winter in Alaska has been a snow covered wonderland. And because Adam and I have nothing to compare this winter to we've been completely unfazed. To us this is simply how Alaska winters look. Snow snow and snow some more. 

Coincidentally the record was set as I was lazily traveling through Anchorage on a gardening journey. I hit up a few of my favorite nurseries in search of seeds, soil and pots. 

While Alaska was setting records for being more snow filled than it has been in over fifty years I was busy dreaming of summer. 

Park 2
Park 3

Then on Easter Sunday, with our record books split wide open and the sun shinning I headed with the dogs to the local park (or what I like to think of as a wildlife sanctuary that I visit with a certain level of high alertness and unease) to do the only worshiping I feel comfortable with.

Worshiping at the church of the Alaskan wilderness.


  • Mommy McD

    Yay global warming!

    Our first winter in LaPine, we got 6 feet 7 inches in a 4 day period. After that, none of the winters really fazed us. So, this is probably a good thing. Now next year (unless it’s another record breaker, I guess…) will be a breeze!

  • Life of a Doctor’s Wife

    Oh this is beautiful! The photos, the feeling, the snow! The church of the Alaskan wilderness – I love that.

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