There is still 3-4 feet of snow in my backyard, and yet I can't stop doodleing, listing, and dreaming of my summer garden. 

Last year we moved to Alaska on May 3rd, officially 200 million days late to grow ANYTHING in Alaska. If you're to be successful around these parts apparently you need to begin growing things indoors in late February while temperatures hover somewhere around -150 degrees. 

My attempts at container gardening last summer were a COLOSSAL failure. I was unable to grow lettuce. Lettuce! The easiest thing to grow, ever. 

I did manage a few mangy green beans, and turns out growing flowers in my front yard was a piece of cake, but that was the extent of my gardening success.

This year though I'm back with a vengence and I will not be shown up by the Alaskan climate. 

There will be herbs in my windows, broccoli on my patio, strawberries hanging from window boxes and lettuce, onions, cucumbers, blueberries and zucchini in custom made containers. This summer as I enjoy the weirdness that is a midnight sun my porch will be overflowing with life. 

Just try to beat me this year Alaska. I dare you.