Today at noon I'll turn off my computer, and hop in a cab headed for the airport to embark on a weekend I have been slowly planning now for months.

No I'm not eloping, I'm going to finally get to enjoy the bachelorette party I have been planing for my best friend since about March. 

The part I think I've loved the most is the above and beyond. I mean, I could have emailed the girls asking if they could RSPV for our weekend in South Lake Tahoe, but instead I spent a Saturday making this, 


Which I then had printed and then mailed off. Sure, half the invitations were lost because Alaskan postal service is delivered to the lower 48 via moose, but it was the thought that counted, right?

And since that was so much fun, after planning the entire weekend down to the hour, I sent all the ladies this as well, 


I also designed a game print out (full of the signature embarrassing photos) which I can't share in case the bachelorette is reading this! 

Basically while prepping normal parts of this weekend, rent a house, how do we get there, where do we eat, what do we wear, where do we go out, I went to Photoshop like a crazy person and got to work making fun and weird items to get people excited for the weekend. 

Because, after looking at the various cards, lists, items you can buy online for a bachelorette party, I can't help but feel like mine are better! More fun! Personalized! Once my own wedding Save the Date and invitation packages (also designed by me) are unveiled to the world, I feel like I might have something here. If you want what I've already made for a very small price (what, like $25 per?) I could dump your friends mug, their name, and your details in some of my already created items and BAM you've got a digital image to email or print yourself. 

Am I crazy? Do you think people would even buy something like that? 

What about you? When you planned a bachelorette party would you have liked something like this option? For $25 a custom item to print and give to guests that is both fun and functional? I'm very curious. Do tell. 

  • http://rescuedinsanity.com Kristine

    I definitely think people would pay. These look fantastic! Far better than the normal boring crap I’ve seen in stores and even online.

    I hope you all have an awesome time!