Right after Adam and I got engaged I turned into a planning MANIAC

The second day we'd been engaged I'd already purchased our wedding website url, and created our wedding website from scratch. Over achiever much? 

By the end of our first month as an engaged couple I'd tried on wedding dresses, picked a bridal party, picked the venue, set a date, designed my save the date card, and booked a photographer and our catering company. We still had over a year to go before we were getting married, by the way. 

In those early couple months all the big things that needed to get done we'd done. TAKE THAT wedding planning. 

Then we sort of moved into the, it's too early to do 90% of our wedding planning, so now what? phase. 

Thankfully my best friend was getting married in October, and while I placed my wedding planning on hold I dove into helping her with hers. Can't plan my own, well why don't I go ahead and edit you a wedding video! Make escort cards! Plan your bachelorette party! YEAH FOR PLANNING! 

All the while I took my own wedding and placed it on the shelf. Do not open till after October 20th. 

Suddenly her wedding was over, and that "do not open" till after October 20th folder was looking at me again. After neglecting my own wedding for three plus months I realized I might need to check in and see what I needed to do next. 

Turns out, LOTS OF STUFF! 

Overwhelming amounts of stuff! Important things too like where in the HELL are we going on our honeymoon? (clearly first world problem right here) Or where in the world are we staying during our wedding? Or what are the groomsmen wearing? Or make a final decision already, videographer or WedIt for footage of the wedding. My dress arrived and needed to be paid for, and then HI Ashley you still need to take the thing in to be altered. And my bachelorette party, who would I like to come, where would we like to go, when would you like to go? OMG THE DECISIONS. 


Hi, I'd like to introduce you to my dream look for my outdoor backyard wedding
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It's all very real again. This wedding we're having next summer. People are actually telling us they'll be attending, save the dates are displayed on people's fridges, our house is finally rented for the wedding week, and my wedding dress, THE dress I'll wear only once on July 6th 2013 for approximately 8 hours is sitting in a box in my guest room. Just sitting there reminding me that I have a whole lot of things to do before I get to put it on and walk down the forest floor aisle to meet Adam.  



So basically what I'm trying to say is, my to-do list is very long, I don't know where to start, it's really hard to plan a DIY wedding when you live in Alaska and the thing is in Oregon, and I think I might take up recreational day drinking. 

That is all. 

  • Drea

    I’m loving this, since I just got engaged, and everyone’s asking me what our plans are. It’s still way too early for us to have anything scheduled, so watching you plan is perfect.

  • Tori

    One item at a time. It’ll all get done eventually. Don’t worry! And let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

  • Robin

    I cannot imagine planning an Oregon wedding while living in Alaska. I’m planning a Minnesota wedding while living in Illinois—though we recently decided that after I finish grad school in June we’re going to move back to Minnesota. Find a new job, move, and get married in the span of two months? HELL YEAH. :-)

    I WISH I could have all this stuff done–but I actually need to go meet with vendors. 3 weeks till I can do that. And I’m dying to ask my wedding party but I thought they might enjoy having a set date….

    My to-do-list is already too long and the wedding isn’t until next fall. likes to inform me that there’s ONLY 11 months to go and oh by the way you should have done 20 things last month. *le sigh*

  • Jennifer

    Drinking is a must during the planning process. Keep up the good work. But don’t forget to really enjoy this time. It will be over before you know it.