Here it is! Adam and my “save-the-date” made by yours truly.¬†


I knew from day one that I wanted to make my own save-the-date and wedding invitations. Not because I’m this amazing designer, but because I knew it would save us a LOT of money to do it ourselves. Sure, there are about 700 save-the-date templates on minted.com that I like, and it’s SO easy to drop a picture in their template and click order. BUT, by doing this ourselves we saved about $125 on the whole shebang.

How you ask?

First place we saved was by not taking engagement photos. Most of the time you get some kind of engagement photo session as an add on when you book your wedding photographer. And you know, maybe if we were getting married in Alaska, and our photographer was in Alaska we would have done it. But with our photographers in Portland, OR it just wasn’t going to happen. So right out the gate, by not taking engagement photos we saved anywhere from $200-400. BAM! Savings in your face!

Do I regret not having 200 pictures of Adam and I looking lovingly into each others eyes?


We’ll have about 700 more than I could ever know what to do with after we get married and get our wedding photos back.

So instead of engagement photos, while on a vacation this summer in Homer, AK Adam and I took a walk on the beach, set my five year old camera on a rock, set it on a timer, and snapped away. The end result was the photo we used for our save-the-date.

Cost of the most adorable photo Adam and I have ever taken together?


Next we saved with printing our postcards. Our total costs to print 100 postcards was $28 using an online printing service called redtagprintsale.com. So once I had my postcards designed I simply uploaded our design into their postcard printing station, clicked order, and BAM. Postcards.

Even better, this summer I purchased a livingsocial deal where for $25 I got $45 worth of print work at redtagprintsale.com. So our order should have been about $50 after tax (which is still better than minted.com’s $180 after tax), but with my coupon it was about half the cost! SO MANY SAVINGS!

Lastly I bought some stamps, printed our own address labels to stick on the cards, tossed those puppies on each postcard and had completed our save-the-date project for about $55. TOTAL.

There are still some things I’d do differently if I was doing this over. Putting a better bleed on the card, making them a little smaller, adding a return address (rookie mistake!), but all in all I am pretty damn pleased with our $55 purchase that has updated all our guests about our upcoming nuptials.

So now that those are out… guess that means I have to get back to work actually¬†planning this whole wedding, thing…





  • http://www.insertcleverlinkhere.com Kelly L

    So! Much! Awesome!

    Seriously, first: I am super impressed with how much money you have saved… I think you need a medal.

    Secondly: they are super super cute Save the Dates, and I say this as a person with a design degree.


  • http://rescuedinsanity.com Kristine

    Really great tips, truly. Honestly one of the reasons I haven’t bothered to get married is the cost. It just doesn’t seem worth it. You have proven that it can be done with a little effort! Now if only I wasn’t so lazy…