I booked my wedding hair, makeup and nails last week.

I shared the information about my salon of choice with my bridesmaids and smiled as they emailed me one by one saying they'd called and booked an appointment as well. Can't wait! Emails flooding my inbox.

Suddenly I realized I had a timeline beginning to form.

Morning of wedding. Wake up. Wash hair. Curl hair (I've had too many bad experiences with people not knowing how to style my curls, so I'll do that myself, thankyouverymuch). Gather bridesmaids. Drive to Bend. Sit in a chair surrounded by some of the most important ladies in my life, all getting ready for my wedding day.

My. Wedding. Day.

The first block of the day of my wedding is taking shape.

I know what time we'll get up. Where we'll go. Where we'll be for the first part of what I can only imagine is going to be a day that is over before I know it.

At no point of this wedding planning have I felt overwhelmed, really. I feel like I tackle an item a week, and when it's done I feel content, and forget about the wedding till the next week. Until I booked my hair, my WEDDING hair, nothing really hit me. I'd book tables, chairs, food, the audio and everything just felt like another item off the to-do list. We need food, and now we have it! CHECK!

But booking my wedding hair, and seeing my friends book theirs as well gives shape to the day. A timeline forms and I can picture us all walking in on July 6th, 2013 bright and early. I see us laughing and smiling, I'm sure I'll be nervous, and someone will probably run down the street to grab coffee. Get me a latte please!

I haven't stressed about the details. Table arrangements? Whatever, Mom, why don't you just do them. You're great at that.

I don't have a set vision, or a goal, my colors have sort of morphed into a blend of corals and greens, and hey throw in some orange and white and pink, and whatever, it's all pretty! Flowers don't matter, wear whatever you'd like girls, I honestly don't care, and no matter how many times I tell my mother it's no big deal, she simply won't believe me.

It's just a day Mom, I promise I don't care.

It's the moments like this, me in the salon with my favorite people in the world, laughing and enjoying as we're styled up pretty that I've dreamed of. When I think of our wedding I see smiles, and laughter. I see these hours with my best friends, I see my excited nerves, that knot I know I'll get as I walk up behind Adam and tap him on the shoulder for the first time. Waiting for him to turn around. Will he love my dress?

I keep picturing moments instead of items. I keep conjuring them, waiting for them, and I can't wait to soak up every second of them.

Booking my hair isn't about my hair.

In making that appointment I solidified a moment.

A moment I can't wait for.

One of the millions of moments I simply can't wait to come true. 

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