Listen, I know it's like the 7th of January already and all and this roundup is soooooo last week, but whatever. I got lazy. 

I remember the first time I ever did a photo roundup of a year it was for 2009. A year that punched me in the gut, drop kicked me, and then pissed on my head. When I sat down to make the "movie" I remember thinking, How in the world can I find good memories in a year filled with so many fucking tears? And then wow, look at that. Even in the middle of all the shit raining on my head, there were all the memories. Good ones too!

Making the 2012 video was so much less dramatic. What I realized upon reflecting on 2012 was that:

A. I hardly take ANY pictures anymore unless it's on a vacation or on my iPhone

B. I went on some pretty insane Alaska-tastic vacations this year:

C. that I never take pictures of people. Only pretty landscapes and now hardly even my own pets.

So, we can conclude that in 2013 I need to snap more photos. Of people. Friends. Moments. I need to continue to explore and try new things even though my biggest to-do list is planning this wedding. There is so much more of Alaska to see and I want to see, and more and more and more.

Here's to 2013, but first, let's look back at 2012.  


  • http://www.insertcleverlinkhere.com Kelly L

    Dude, if you lived closer to me and we hung out all the time, I would have SO MANY pictures for you. I love to take pictures. Especially of people. When I someday come visit you, I’m going to take ALL THE PICTURES and your highlight reel for the year will be phenomenal.