This has been a year I've been thinking about since about…
January of 2012. Yes, I might not be the kind of bride who's getting all weird
about table linens, and is totally ok to rock cheap-put-together-ourselves-flowers, but that
doesn't mean that I haven't known, known in my gut of guts that I was getting married in 2013. SUMMER of 2013 to be exact. Watch me.

Sure, it took until May 31st to solidify the
whole thing, but Adam and I had been chatting about our summer 2013 wedding
since the early days of 2012. To be honest, I think our first when are we getting married conversation was THANKSGIVING OF 2010. So, yeah. We sorta had an idea something was going down in 2013. 

And, it just always seemed so damn far away, you know? Any
time I looked at a to-do list for the wedding and felt the desire to put my
head in my hands it didn't really
matter, I mean I didn't need to do most things till 2013! Success!

Well, now it's 2013.

There are pretty much exactly six short months before Adam and
I get married.

I've been a diligent little planner, anything that requires
a rental and a deposit has been finalized. Signed sealed and delivered. But
those were the easy things! Now I have to do things like WRITE OUR ENTIRE CEREMONY! We
saved a bundle by having a relative marry us and not needing to hire an officiant,
but that means the heavy lifting of the ceremony is left to us! Eek!

Have you ever thought about where to start on a task like that? Writing and planning your entire wedding ceremony? I mean… my brain. Only thing that comes to mind is walking down the isle, hearing the Charlie Brown teacher's voice, saying I do, and kissing. DONE. Does that count as me writing our ceremony? 


But as scary as rolling into 2013 is, it's also pretty damn
exciting. Where on one hand I kept telling myself I had time to worry about things later, there have also been big things, exciting things I've been having to wait to get THRILLED about until 2013 as well.

Things like, in two weeks I will head to Salt Lake City for a work trip
where my mother will be joining me. During the day I'll work, and then after
work this bride will shop. On the list: wedding earrings, wedding bracelet, and
veil. See also, Mom and daughter time.

In late February Adam will head to Seattle to pick out his
wedding suit. I just died thinking about that. He'll then head to Bend where
via the magic of the internet he'll walk his parent's yard with me on
Facetime/Skype as we decide exactly where everything for the wedding will go.
Notes will be taken, plans will be laid. All these months of back and forth chatter of, I think we'll put the bar there, and maybe hang the lighter there, but I won't know till Adam visits… can FINALLY stop. I'll know where the shit goes. Life will be grand.

In March we'll officially book our honeymoon. Our honeymoon
where for ten days we'll soak up the Tahitian rays. Tahiti, I dream of you.

In April I will fly to beautiful Santa Barbara where I will work
from my parents home during the day, and then DIY craft, thrift and mess with glitter
in the after work hours. A WEEK OF DIY CRAFTING WITH MY MOTHER. You guys, this
is thrilling. In that week we will finalize the look of the table arrangements,
the ceremony decorations, we'll take the old doors and windows from the home I was born in
and turn them into seating arrangements, menus and giant programs. We'll also
stop in at the local florist and make a test bouquet. Playing with flowers to craft
what my wedding bouquet will look like. Dying.

In June I will board a plane bound for Seattle where I'll meet up with some of the most important women in my life. We'll eat, drink and generally be more merry than we should be at our age, and I'm sure more than once I'll be the butt of all the jokes. They will probably make me do things I'd never have the guts to do without a few drinks in me, and when I leave I'll be sad the weekend is over, but I'll know that in four short week's we'll be reuinited once more. At my wedding. HURRAHH!!!

Oh, and then there's this little date, July 6th, 2013. A date that's been marked on my calendar for quite some time that will finally happen! Adam and my wedding day. The day we'll be, married. No words.  

These have all been important wedding details that I've had
on my calendar with a note of, Don't Deal
With Till 2013
, stuck right on the front. And after six months of waiting,
2013 is officially here. Each month, be it planning or experience related, I'll check something off, inching us closer and closer to July 6th

And all I can keep thinking is, This is going to be fastest 6 months of my life, isn't


  • Kelly @ The Startup Wife

    Wow, it sounds like everything is really coming together. I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about it!!

  • Tori

    Re: the ceremony, there are tons of sample ceremonies available online that you can mix and match from. Also double check what needs to be said for you to legally be married (this was something our officiant warned us about).