I first fell in love with my iPhone camera because of the simple ease of having a camera in my pocket.

I took pictures like this, 


and like this, 

Oh My

Because I had this camera in my pocket, and I wasn't trying to take nice pictures, I was just snapping shots. Of my dog mostly, but sometimes of the weird things two gay men hang from their bathroom mirror at this amazing New Years Eve party where I spent most of the night wondering if I was dressed fabulously enough to have been invited. 

Then filters came out and OH BOY DID THEY. Suddenly my pictures looked a lot like this, 


and OMG and this, because apparently having an iPhone camera with filters meant you needed to be an emo 14 year old girl. Always and forever. 

Olympia Trail

Then instagram came around and as you can expect, there was a very long time there where all my photos looked like the same overly processed instagram filter. Yes, there were shots of my food taken, but no, thankfully not many of me looking dramatically into the camera, because, GROSS. 

I feel like every iPhone user had to get the filters out of our system. We had to binge on them. We had to destroy every picture we ever took with the noise before we started to figure out how to take interesting shots. Pictures we might actually be proud of. Now instagram isn't a place where you see the same shitty shot with the same shitty filter over and over, now it's the sort of place where you're starting to see shit like this, and omg this

Before I knew it I was studdying at the school of Grumbles

And what the fuck, wouldn't you know, someone was watching. When Carrie Anne from the Little Big Blog asked me if I'd consider submitting photos to be featured on her "photographer" weekly roundup I nearly died. MY PHOTOS? ARE YOU BLIND? 

I shit you not, the coolest thing in the world is having someone else dive into your instagram account and select their favorite photos of yours and then share them. Display them. Shout them to the world. I mean, WOW. 

And to think, it's all because of some silly cell phone camera.

All of this. 

Alaskan winter

So if you are at all intrigued, be sure to checkout my Follow Friday-Guest Photographer piece on the Little Big Blog.

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