When we left the house on Friday morning this is what stretched before us. That is a LOT of ground to cover. 

Since I am sitting in the hotel lobby of a lodge in the middle of nowhere British Columbia and we don't get internet in our hotel room which happens to be in a basement (the joys of traveling with dogs), here are the highlights (mostly because I told my mother I'd blog an update nightly and I fear if I don't she'll think I'm dead). 

Leaving Alaska was all about mountains, mountains, and more mountains. And it's not that they weren't beautiful and awesome, but we spent the last two years living in the shaddow of a most impressive mountain range, so I simply wasn't as awestruck as I was two years ago seeing these mountains for the first time. 


We cut an entire day off our trip that first night, driving 300 more miles than originally planned. Which is pretty typical for us. Make a plan, get to that location, decide it's too early to stop and continue on. 

Then this morning we had BIG PLANS. Up, in the car and ready to take on Northern Canada! And then we got to this. 


It is nearly May 1st and the roads are covered in snow. Snow as far as the eye can see. In Anchorage we didn't even have snow on the roads anymore, but 1,100 miles south there's still snow? Brain. Does. Not. Compute. 

Not only was there snow on the roads, it was mushy, take over the control of your tires, force you to go 40 miles an hour, oh look now it's ice, oh hey how about a whiteout, oh joke here's more slush snow. So by the time we got to the hot springs we knew we were done. There was still supposed to be 3+ hours of driving, and if the clouds in front of us told us anything it was that we needed to hunker down for the night. 

So, we got some food, took a dip in the hot springs (a road trip must-do) and checked into our hotel. 



And, we'd seen tons of friendly looking buffalo along the way, so I guess that alone had to mean the day was a success.