I have moved a LOT since I turned 18. And I'm not talking
moving from one apartment/home to another in the same city. I'm talking from
California to Seattle to go to college, then Seattle to Olympia when I lost my
job, then Olympia to Alaska for Adam's promotion, and now Alaska to Chicago for
another of Adam's promotions. That's a lot of upheaval and change to
drastically different places.

Each time I've made one of these changes and started
announcing it, people make comments. Of course they do. Here is how it works.

Step 1. Be happy
for me.


Step 2. Make a
comment about something horrible about X location that actually has nothing to
do with my preferences/issues/fears and has everything to do with you and your
preferences/issues/fears. Be sure to paraphrase your comment as to why *I*
won't like/will struggle with this new location, and be sure to leave the fact
that *you* actually would have this issue out of your remark.


When I moved to Seattle from California everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE said how happy they were for me,
and then asked me how I'd survive the rain. Or did I know it rained there? They
heard it rained there 300 days of the year, would I melt? People, you think I
applied to a school in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST without knowing it rained there a
lot? Stop talking about how I'll adjust and just say what you mean, Great for you that you're moving to Seattle,
but *I* would die in Seattle because *I* don't like rain.

When I moved to Olympia from Seattle people were happy(!!!!)
then remarked on how much *I'd* miss city life. Oh really. Is this a statement?
Or a question? You do remember that when I lived in Seattle I lived in the one
neighborhood in all of Seattle that felt like a small town, right? That I
actively sought out a neighborhood in Seattle that felt like suburbia. Hmmmm I
wonder why…  

From Olympia to Alaska it was all about the snow. THE SNOW,
THE WINTER, YOU'LL DIE! And yeah, that one I was a wee worried about, only
because I'd never done the whole snow thing, but then even after I lived
through the snowiest winter on record and told people I loved it, they still
couldn't drop it. People, my favorite season in Alaska is winter. YOUR COMMENT

And now Chicago. The most hilarious move because the
comments are as follows. "Congrats!" + [comment about how cold it is
in Chicago]. PEOPLE. I currently live in Alaska. Where we spend months at 10 to
-20 degrees and where for about two months you have only 5-7 hours of DAYLIGHT.
And I still worked, worked out, went skiing, took the dogs for walks, hung out
with friends and lived. Chicago ain't got NOTHING on an Alaskan winter. Just
this past weekend when Adam and I were in Chicago looking for our rental house
it was 38 degrees and windy and Chicago residents kept telling us they were
sorry it was so cold. We were like, Listen,
back home it just snowed 2.5 ft over the weekend, it was -5 when Adam went to
work on Friday, and I haven't seen my lawn in 6 months. You people don't KNOW

So this is my public service announcement.

You can comment on someone's adventure, move, whatever, and
you might have an issue with where they're headed, and that's totally ok! But
own up to it. Tell them congrats and then tell them why you'd never be able to
hack it. Emphasis on why YOU would struggle. Because that's probably not an
issue for them at all, seeing as they just told you they're moving there and


Tomorrow, fun pictures from our quick three day trip to Chicago
to find our rental house. Where it's SO COLD ALL THE TIME AND WE'LL DIE.



  • Mommy McD

    Whoops. I probably made one of those comments.
    Anyway, I’ve never been to Alaska, but I did grow up in LaPine – where sub zero temps aren’t all that unusual.
    I thing I will say Chi town has on that? Wind. Dang, does that make life feel much colder.
    At any rate – I am totally excited to hear of your Chicago exploits. I reeeeeealy love that city.

  • Captain Poopypants

    I think it’s exciting that you get to move so much and experience new things! <3 Lesley

  • Kelly Loy Gilbert

    Chicago sounds so amazing. I can’t wait to see the pictures!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I would like to point out that I am always looking for the positives in your moves and how they will make you famous.

    When you moved to Alaska… “maybe you will move to Wasilla, meet the Palins, join their reality show and then meet Levi Johnston and accidentally become his baby momma and have to dump Adam and marry Levi- which will garner you your own reality show”

    When you said you were moving to Chicago (maybe I didn’t say this yet, but here is what I am thinking). “Maybe you will meet the Grand-Obama who still lives there and she will love you so much that she will want to introduce you to her family (aka THE Obamas) and she takes you with her on her trips to DC and Camp David where you and Michelle talk about arm workouts and Jcrew outfits. Then, since you are all buddy buddy with them, Barak offers to come to Bend and officiate your wedding.”

    Yeah for moving!!

  • Alison

    That’s a good point. But I really can’t think of anything bad to say about Chicago. Cold? Maybe if you’re coming from like North Carolina or something. Chicago is awesome. Good luck with the move!

  • Twisted Academic

    I’m super excited for you guys and can’t wait to see what shenanigans happen next. Also, I want to know how Oly and Stella do at the dog beaches. Also, jealous of all the deep dish pizza. Just…just don’t become a Cubs fan, okay? ;o)

    Hope the move goes smoothly and wishing you all the best in this next exciting chapter!

  • Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

    Oh, you know there will be MANY pictures of Oly and Stella at the dog beach. Currently both will only even just stand in the water… but I'm determined to get those ladies swimming if I can.

  • Aquaticbehavior


    I really hope I wasn’t one of those people who talked shit during your moves. I’m pretty sure my commentary was always “OMG IT IS SO COLD I WOULD DIE.” But if it wasn’t, I’m sorry! You’re a tough lady and you’re far better equipped to deal with inclement weather than I am.

    With that said, did you know it rains in Seattle?!! I had no idea until I told someone I was moving here and they informed me of that fact.