I was in Alaska, and then for 6 days we drove across Canada to get
to Chicago, and then we were in Chicago, and then before I knew it I was on a
plane retracing all that ground I covered in the car and landing in Seattle.
Then I was saying hi to coworkers, and then saying hi to friends and babies who
got so big since I last saw them and yes I'd love a glass of wine and let's
stay up till way past my bedtime talking about nothing and everything and man I
love this place. 

Tonight it's another marathon catch-up,
another amazing friend happens to be in town, oh look this meeting at work is
my favorite of the year where we learn about all the new books we'll be
marketing and working with and have I mentioned how much I love books and my
job? Then it's Friday and pretending we're young and hip and can still stay out
late even though knowing us all we really want to do is stay in and watch bad
tv and drink wine and talk over one another like we always do but it's ok
because this is our magical language and we simply can't function any other way
because we're sisters and always have been. 

Before I know it it will be
over and I'll have said good-bye again, but not forever because I'll be in
Chicago but before I know it I'll board the plane again, this time to see all
my favorite women in one place for an entire weekend that's just about
laughing. My brain is unable to conceptualize how amazing this will be. This
weekend about friendship. And I'll blink and it will be July 6th and we'll all
be together once again except more. So much more. More times 100 with the most
important people our lives in one single place. And there will be food and our
favorite drinks, tears and hugs and so much love and he'll be my husband and
we'll dance and I'll get to put that ring on his finger we bought for him so
long ago that's been sitting in my ring box. Each night I take mine off and put
it in the box with his and I know that soon, soon he'll wear his too and people
will clap and I'll probably cry and he'll be my husband. 

This week is awesome and crazy
and I'm tired and I live out of a suitcase but it's also the most amazing time
of my life and I'm going to blink and it's all going to be over. Isn't it?