People lately have been texting me, or emailing me, or Facebooking me with pronouncements of X amount of days till I'm married. This is awesome, but everyone is wrong in their counting. Let me explain.

This past Saturday Adam and I were sitting on the patio in the AMAZING Chicago summer weather having a cocktail, enjoying our smoked salmon spread when we got excited thinking, One Week.

Yet right as we were thinking this I got a text from my MOH saying, Ahhh two weeks till today you'll be a married lady!

See where things are off?


Yes, of course of course Adam and I are excited about the actual day of our wedding. The moment when we get all dressed up, stand in front of a collection of about 90 people who mean the world to us and declare that we'll love, and sometimes even hate each other, but always be together, for the rest of our lives. That day is what we're all traveling for, and have been planning for, and spending for, and getting prepped for. But you know what Adam and I are actually counting down to?

Monday July 1st 2013.

The day when we board a plane headed for Bend. That day is when the wedding starts. When everything comes together and we see all these people we love. That night we see Adam's parents and stay in the beautiful home we'll be getting married in. The next day we check into the house Adam and I and our friends will be staying at for the weekend. That night we introduce my parents and Adam's parents. The night after that our Best Man and MOH arrive (!!!!!). That night there will be a dinner with Adam's brother. Then the 4th of July. My hair trial, and the themed out BBQ to end all BBQs. My Mom bringing a karaoke machine to ring in the 4th Adam and Ashley style. Before you know it it's Friday and we get the furniture delivered for the wedding and see the wedding space become a wedding, and no longer a backyard. Then it's the rehearsal, dinner with all our amazing family, and the final sleep before the wedding.

All that wonderful chaos gets to happen before the wedding is even here. People are coming into town early, there are these huge moments like our families meeting, friends mixing, BBQ's, rehearsals and setup that gets to happen before we ever say our I Do's.


So yes, I am counting down to the day, to July 6th 2013 when I become Adam's wife, but way before that my brain is stuck on beautiful July 1st. The start of it all.

T-minus 5 days and counting…  

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