No seriously though, 2013, WOW. 2013 was full of SO MANY THINGS my biggest hope for 2014 is full of a lot of "easy." Yes. That's my resolution for 2014. To simmer down.

In 2013 Adam and I stuffed as many big life events as we could into a single year. 

First we moved from Alaska to Chicago. Most people would have probably flown, but we like to make things hard on ourselves and we spent 6 days in the car driving 14 hours a day, covering a total of 3,500 miles because apparently we wanted to see as much of Canada as possible. Don't do this. Most of Canada in April looks exactly like this. 


Afterward we enjoyed our first Midwestern summer and found ourselves acting like lizards on a hot rock seeing as this was the first summer we'd felt actual warmth (sorry Seattle and Anchorage, neither of you really *do* summer) since we were each 18. While we were busy working on our tans we were also getting ready for this. 

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On July 6th, 2013 Adam and I were married by my Uncle with a ceremony we wrote, surrounded by about 90 of our nearest and dearest. We were married in Adam's parent's backyard, surrounded by decorations that were DIYed to perfection by a collection of talented helpers and were chock full of meaning for us. We danced and laughed and danced some more and it was a perfect night in every way. 

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One might think a cross-country move and a wedding would be enough to make this a crazy wonerful year but NO! No we wanted to cram some more life changes in there so after the move, and then the wedding, I had knee surgery followed a week later by starting a new job (!!!!!) and then since that just wasn't enough stress for one lifetime we also bought a house. 


This year was insane and stressful and a wee bit overwhelming at times but at the same time it was one of the most amazing years of my life. As I worked on my yearly photo recap video (see 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012) I just couldn't stop smiling. 

For 2014 I see a much less stressful year for sure, but hopefully one that again is filled with exciting changes, projects projects and more projects on our new house, further exploration of the Chicagoland area and hopefully appearances by some of our favorite people. And as long as there are no more moves across country, or even across town I think it will be just peachy. 

And now, our 2013 – Yearly Photo Roundup: Moves, Weddings, & New Homes, OH MY!